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Po Hu (BL 42) - Door of The Po

Po Hu (BL 42) - Door of The Po

The name of this point (Door of the Corporeal Soul) suggests that it is effective in treating disorders of the corporeal soul (po) and emotional disorders related to Lung disharmony. In fact, with the exception of "three corpse possession disorder", the classical indications of this point predominantly reflect its use in nourishing and tonifying the Lung. 

"Three corpse possession disorder" is a Daoist concept that refers to some form of ‘possession‘ and is divided into "upper corpse" which
attacks the eyes, "middle corpse" which attacks the five
zang, and ‘lower corpse’ which attacks human life itself.
The predominant clinical picture expressed by the classical indications for this point is one of severe exhaustion of the Lung. It is indicated for Lung atrophy, Lung consumption, deficiency-taxation, taxation cough with heat in the body etc. 
In its ability to strengthen the Lung at the deepest level it is similar to Gaohuangshu BL-43, although less renowned.

According to the "Essential Questions 60" (Nan Jing) the five outer
Bladder points level with the five zang back-shu points (i.e. Pohu BL-42, Shentang BL-44, Hunmen BL-47, Yishe BL-49 and Zhishi BL-52) drain heat from the five zang, an action shared by the back-shu points of the five zang.

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